What is Candle Wicks

The candle wick is often called the soul of the candle (wiki).

This description describes it quite well. In the past, the wick was also called light yarn. The wick of the candle is very important and crucial for the good combustion of the candle.

If we look at a candle externally, we can see the wax body and of course the wick of the candle. Normally, candle wick goes through the complete candle and is used for clean burning.

Candle wick must fit the candle

The wick is also technically gesehn an important component of the candle, without wick no candle burn. The wick transports the liquefied wax when the candle is lit. A very good candle wick from a higher quality candle is therefore matched to the candle. The wick must be matched both by its strength but also by the weave of its yarns.

An inferior candle wick

If the candle manufacturer provides a candle with a poor tuning of the candle wick, the candle will not function properly. This means that the candle will either soot heavily or the candle will drip heavily. If the tuning is very bad it can also be that the candle does not burn at all reasonably and goes out.

These are all characteristics of a rather inexpensive candle. It is clear that the coordination between the wick and the candle is very important for a good candle.

Braiding of the candle wick

Most often the candle wicks is made of cotton (You can choose here: https://thewaxcandles.com/best-candle-wicks-review/). The fibers are bleached and plaited. The wick is cleaned and impregnated.

The type of braiding is particularly important for the candle wick: the wick must be braided so that it curves slightly. The curvature holds the wick end into the flame edge. This way, it will burn away as the candle burns and will not need to be trimmed with scissors.

The ideal candle wick

An ideal wick is woven in such a way that it bends towards the outer edge of the flame. This allows the oxygen to be added to the wick. The curvature also allows the wick to burn evenly. Ideally, the candle wick always has the right length. It no longer needs to be cut, i.e. shortened, as used to be said.

Flat wick or round wick

Basically, there are two different types of wicks: flat wicks and round wicks. The flat wick is not suitable for beeswax candles but for all other types of candles. The round wick is suitable for all types of candles. There are also wicks made of fiberglass, this does not burn and is therefore vorgesehn specially for oil lamps.